Is your website fit for purpose? Three things to consider (or avoid !) when building a successful online hub

1. Standalone websites are death traps!

When launching a film, creating a one-page website for just the purpose of one film is a waste of time, money and data. If you’re still using this method, it’s time to usher in a new way of thinking. Creating one platform with all your films, content and links to social media will present your brand as a more rounded and professional organisation, whilst giving film fans a base to view, watch and share your films.

2. Warning: remember to make your website mobile responsive!

A lot of potential customers will view your website on their mobile, especially if you’re email marketing and linking to your site. So it’s important to ensure your website is optimised for mobile use. Search engines such as Google index based on mobile performance, so not optimising only makes you less visible to customers.

3. Social media icons & integrations: a must!

Everything needs to be connected! Having social media icons on your website lets your customers know you’re a well-rounded, active company who wants to make a connection with customers and potential customers alike. Our digital solution can help you connect your social platforms and website so you can view all your marketing data in one place.

Here at usheru, we’re proud to help film distributors, producers, national film bodies and cinemas reach their potential. Book a free demo with one of our industry experts today to learn more about how we can boost your returns!


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