A Transformative Experience: EVMC 2024

EVMC 2024 Denver

From 5 to 7 June, 2024, the usheru team was in Denver, Colorado, to attend Event & Venue Marketing Conference (EVMC). usheru were delighted to spread the innovative news and successes from our arena partners across the US, explore all the ways automation and audience-focus can drive success and as proud presenting partners of an expert panel: Venue Marketer x Event Promoter: Becoming One Team to Fill Every Seat.

EVMC 2024 conference

usheru at EVMC 2024

CEO Oliver Fegan, CTO Catherine Downes, Managing Director, Americas, Anish Deogaonkar, Client Success and Operations Manager Toni Purvis, and Sr. Partnerships Manager Federico Beltran, met with an amazing range of innovative marketing professionals from across the arenas, venues and live entertainment space.


The conference’s sold-out status highlighted its growing importance and the anticipation within the industry. With a focus on learning and networking, the event offered different seminars, discussions, and venue tours.

Our Key Themes

Our team identified these key themes that were evidently the most pressing issues and highly discussed across the 3-day conference: 

  • Digital and social media marketing
  • Enhancing fan and artist experiences
  • Fostering collaboration between venue marketers and promoters
  • Leveraging data and AI
  • Building unique venue brands
  • Promoting online sales

Equally important were discussions on mental health and digital inclusion, showcasing the conference’s comprehensive approach to the industry’s challenges and opportunities.

Our Key Takeaways

  • Digital and Social Media Marketing: The EVMC 2024 sessions provided deep insights into the latest trends and strategies in digital marketing, emphasising the importance of engaging audiences through innovative online platforms.
  • Fan and Artist Experience: Attendees explored new ways to enhance the overall experience for both fans and artists, ensuring memorable and seamless events.
  • Collaboration and Partnerships: The need for better collaboration between venue marketers and promoters was a recurrent theme, underscoring the importance of building strong, cooperative relationships within the industry.
  • Data and AI: The use of data and artificial intelligence in event marketing was a hot topic, with discussions on how these tools can drive smarter, more effective marketing strategies.
  • Brand Building: Building a unique and recognizable brand for venues was highlighted as a key strategy for standing out in a competitive market.
  • Mental Health and Digital Inclusion: The conference also tackled important issues like mental health and the need for digital inclusion, reflecting a holistic approach to industry well-being and sustainability.
  • Venue Visits and Networking: One of the conference’s highlights for the usheru team was touring iconic venues such as the Red Rocks Amphitheater, where they attended an Ian Munsick concert, the Bellco Theatre, and the Ball Arena. These visits offered invaluable behind-the-scenes insights into venue operations and further enriched the team’s understanding of the industry’s complexities.

Looking Ahead to EVMC 2025

Returning from EVMC, usheru reflects on the amazing meetings and connections made during the event. The energy and enthusiasm were palpable, setting the stage for what is to come. With EVMC 2025 scheduled to be hosted in Atlanta, usheru anticipates an even bigger conference, eager to build on the successes and experiences gained this year.