Connect the dots between the movie marketing campaigns & the cinema box office with usheru analytics

Benefit from full visibility on global distribution across both theatrical and streaming platforms

usheru Analytics is a powerful tool built to enhance the understanding of movie audiences and give film marketeers real time access to the dynamic levers that will maximise the effectiveness of movie marketing.

Key Benefits

Powerful Insights

o help build world-beating movie marketing campaigns

Retargeting opportunities

made easy with a direct fanbase at your fingertips

Full attribution analytics

connecting marketing campaigns directly to sales conversions (ticket purchase)

Visibility Into Consumer Behaviour

the strongest indicator of intent to buy a ticket or watch a film online

Reduce Costs And More Effective Marketing Campaigns

leading to more profitable film releases



We integrate our real-time data feeds to your existing branded corporate website.

Front End Development

We help you build your online powerhub

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