National Film Body Success story

What they say

"We met usheru in the right place at the right time. In times of profound change film distribution is taking new directions, film trajectories are getting increasingly complex. Usheru combines innovative technology with prompt service. It helps us to keep track of our films as they travel around the globe and opens access to Austrian movies for film lovers and professionals from wherever they are. We’re glad to have a visionary partner while we’re exploring the new normal”

The challenge

Capture a captive global streaming audience at a pertinent moment, as well as being ready for theatrical releases again & Create a digital showcase of all Austrian films represented by the AFC to help filmmakers gain visibility for their films on a global stage.


content discovery platform

An “All You Can Watch” platform to showcase all Austrian films represented by the AFC – past, present and future, plus festivals which are key to AFC whose team are helping to guide a solution to fit the needs of national film bodies in highlighting their successful festival entries.

the results

‘Profound change [in] Film Distribution..’

usheru’s product provides a solution for streaming search, as well as theatrical, so at the moment of encountering the team from AFC, the solution was well placed to suit an immediate need they had to promote Austrian films globally using a digital technology. AFC wanted a platform that facilitated a journey from their existing website that was seamless, and mirrored their existing brand.

Key to the operations of AFC are film festivals, so usheru worked with the team to find a solution that works for them and would work equally for other national film bodies with similar strategic goals.

The platform has provided the AFC with insight into where in the world their films are exhibited and where they are streaming – easy insight on territorial distribution is something the organisation did not have before.

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