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Little Miss Muffet Christmas Caper

Clifden Station House

”I’m too old for this s#!t”

Lethal Weapon

Sorry, but Little Miss Muffet Christmas Caper is either started or over at Clifden Station House.


Santa is bringing a brand new Tuffet. The Prince is coming to Clifden for his Christmas Holidays. A deeply worrying Spider is on the loose. Jack and Jill are distraught as their well has dried up. A weird and worrisome witch has been spotted in the village....AND...Little Miss Muffet, loved by all - has disappeared! Can the visiting children in the audience save the day? Don't miss this hilarious version of a children's classic.

Clifden Station House Logo

Clifden Station House

Clifden Station House, Connemara, Co Galway, Ireland, Connemara

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