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Purple Rain

The Sugar Club

”I’m too old for this s#!t”

Lethal Weapon

Sorry, but "Purple Rain" is either started or over at The Sugar Club


The Kid is a Minneapolis musician on the rise with his band, the Revolution, escaping a tumultuous home life through music. While trying to avoid making the same mistakes as his father, the Kid navigates the club scene and a rocky relationship with singer, Apollonia. But, another musician, Morris, looks to steal the Kid's spotlight -- and his girl.

Director: Albert Magnoli

Starring: Clarence Williams III, Morris Day, Olga Karlatos, Apollonia Kotero, Prince

Writer: Albert Magnoli, William Blinn

Rating: 15

Advisory: Contains strong language and moderate sex and violence

Country: US

Language: ENG

Release Date: 27/07/1984

Duration: 111



The Sugar Club
8 Leeson St Lower, Dublin 2, 2, Dublin