2 Gisht Mjaltë

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An Albanian love, funny story. Ervin and Ema are a typical Albanian couple raised by two typical Albanian families. They come from different backgrounds, but the same values. They fall immediately in love, but sometimes love is not enough, their horrendous honeymoon is proof of that. After the wedding they plan to go to honeymoon in Caribbean but when they are in the airport they realized that a big mistake happened with the ticket and now they don't have money to buy the ticket again. A trip full of unexpected dramatic and funny situations is going to happened to them all the time. Every other character has its own colorful and weird personality. It seems that everything is set to break up the couple who can or can't handle the pressure.

101 min
Emir Khalilzadeh
Ermal Mamaqi
Elvana Gjata, Ermal Mamaqi, Margent Caushi