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FAQs for Cinemas

Why should a cinema use usheru?

Is business slow for a particular film or on a certain night of the week? Well usheru allows any cinema to sell tickets for underperforming content in real time and at the touch of a button. By using usheru you can reach an extensive database of users with a diverse interest in all types of cinema content. What’s more is usheru can send your offer directly to the users we know will be most interested in seeing it.

How does the application work?

We already have access to your full listings so it couldn’t be easier for you or your staff to make an offer. You just log into our system, select the film, then choose an offer price or promotion you think will entice some extra ticket sales, choose the amount of tickets you want to make available and then just make it live. All done in just one minute. usheru will then take care of the rest and push your promotion to the relevant users allowing them to purchase the tickets right there on their phone.

How does usheru generate revenue?

usheru takes an agreed percentage of each ticket sold through our application. If the tickets don’t sell then the cinema doesn’t pay anything.

How can I get in contact?

What countries are you available in?

So far, England and Ireland but if you’re based somewhere else and are interested in usheru then send us an email to and let us know.

Does it cost anything to sign up with usheru?

No, partnering with usheru is completely free. We’ll even cover the cost of any system integration needed with your back office software as well as any hardware installation needed at your cinema.

Will usheru promote a film prior to a cinemas knowledge?

No, after all it’s the cinema who makes the offer so we would never promote something without instruction from a cinema.

Where does usheru get its database of users?

Through various marketing and promotional techniques, usheru has built up a large database of users with a genuine interest in film and going to the cinema.

FAQs for Users

Company/About Us

Get to know who we are. For starters, our favourite colour is yellow and our favourite film is... okay you caught us we can’t... choose just one.

What is usheru?

usheru is the completely free cinema app that connects you to listings, film festivals and great offers in your local area. Book in only three clicks.

Why should I use usheru?

You can find all your local cinema info, special offers and unique film events all under one roof. That means, discover the best offers around without having to look through loads of different sites. Save some money and some time.

Who works for usheru?

usheru is the coming together of filmmakers, cinema professionals, tech strategists, graphic designers and writers. At our core we are film-lovers who believe that the cinema is a place to be revered.

usheru is not in my city/town - how can I get the service here?

usheru have all cinema listings across the UK & Ireland. While we would love to have offers wherever you are, we are only in London and Dublin for the moment. Once we’ve conquered London we have plans to expand all over! So watch this space and sign up for our newsletter here so you can be the first to know our expansion plans.

Using usheru and usheru Offers

How to use the app and get great offers.

How do I get cinema offers?

Download the usheru app, browse offers and cinema listings around you. You do not need to create an account to use the app, but you will need an account to buy an offer.

Do I need to set-up an account?

Yes, if you want access to special offers. Without creating an account you can use our app to search local cinema listings. However, if you do create an account you will get personalized film recommendations and offers suited to your film tastes.

How do I use my offer voucher?

Excellent question - you can either print off the offer voucher we email you and bring it to the cinema. Even easier, you can just display your voucher QR code on your phone to the box office.

When can I use my cinema offer?

You can use your usheru cinema offer on the date and time specified in that offer. Make sure you pay attention to those details before you head off to the cinema.

Where can I use my cinema offer?

Each offer is specific to a certain cinema, so make sure you pay attention to which cinema you are buying an offer for. Unfortunately offers are not interchangeable between cinemas. They are only valid for the cinema you purchase it for. Also be sure to note what film and showing you bought. All those details are important!

Which cinemas accept usheru offers?

You can find a full list of the cinemas that partner with usheru on our website

Where is my offer cinema ticket?

Hidden away in the depths of your phone! But don’t worry we can help you find it, just go into the usheru app and click on the My Tickets screen.

How many offers can I buy? Is there a limit?

The only limit is how much your wallet can handle! Buy as many cinema offers as you want...just remember that you can’t watch two films at the same time!

Can I buy tickets for my Mum/boyfriend/hairdresser/other important people?

You sure can! And you should. Make sure to tell them that you used usheru to get their tickets so that next time they can use usheru and treat you to a film!

Does the purchaser have to be the person who uses the voucher to see the film?

The cinema will redeem the voucher based on the QR code and reference number of the offer, so it does not need to be the purchaser.

Will usheru charge me for its service?

No, usheru is completely free. The only charges you will receive will be to secure your cinema offers that have been selected by you.

What payment types does usheru accept?

usheru accept credit card and debit card payments and we use Stripe to process our payments safely.

Do you store my credit card information?

We do not store your credit card information in our system. We use Stripe who handle all our payments and they are the best in the business at card protection. You have the security of their system to rely on to keep your data safe.

Will my data be secure?

Yes, we at usheru value your privacy. For more information see our privacy policy.

Is there a credit card booking fee?

Yes, as with most purchases online, there is a credit card booking fee of ₤0.60 to cover administrative and transactional costs.

Can I return cancel ticket purchases? Will I get a full refund?

We do not offer refunds on ticket purchases. Please see our terms and conditions for more information.

How will usheru generate film recommendations for me?

Well without revealing too many of our secrets - we pay attention to the films you buy offers for, how you rate them, and use that information to recommend new options for you.

Is the app available in my language?

At this moment in time usheru is only available in English.

Technology FAQs

Don’t worry we got technology-savvy people to answers these.

How do I download the app?

Go to the App or Play Stores and look up usheru. It’s as simple as that.

My app crashed. Why?

That’s a very good question. If you email and try tell us as much information about what happened and what your phone is and we will stamp on that little bug.

The staff in the cinema refused me entry why?

That’s not nice! If you encounter any issues like this email us immediately on and we’ll sort it quickly on a case by case basis.

How do I log in?

Go to the login screen in the app and enter an email and new password and our little fairies will do the rest. If you make a booking and don’t have an account you will be promoted here to set one up.

I booked a ticket, where can I find it?

On the menu bar in the top left hand corner of the app, you will see a dropdown option called ‘My Tickets’. It is there. If you don’t see an option for My Tickets and see an option for Log In; login and it should be there now. If you still can’t see it and you are sure you completed the transaction, drop us an email at

Can I access my vouchers without a data connection?

Yes, as long as you use the same device where you bought the ticket. If you are not bringing the same device that you used for buying, make sure you bring a paper-copy or screenshot of the qr code on your ticket or email confirmation.

I have a Windows/Blackberry - will usheru still work for me?

Not yet, but you will have access very soon. Email us at and we will alert you when we launch. Be sure to tell us your phone model.

Can I access usheru from my desktop?

Sure you can! Just got to

What if I change mobiles and want to move usheru to my new device?

Firstly, congratulations on the new phone! usheru is easy to move to your new mobile. Just download the app, and sign into your usheru account. Easy peasy!

Something is wrong and no FAQ answers my question!

Oh no! Don’t worry our team is here to help - contact us at