websites Analytics Plan

Track: Foundational Marketing Analytics Track: Pro Marketing Analytics
Track: Foundational Marketing Analytics Track: Pro Marketing Analytics
3 Pages of Data

1 Month of Data

10+ Pages of Data

Unlimited time period

Note: usheru Track Pro Marketing Analytics offers data from an unlimited time period, vs GA4's standard limit for exploration reports of 2 Months (default) or 14 Months (if extended)
Platform Overview Including:
  • Page Views
  • Sessions
  • Engagement Rate
  • Engagement Time
  • Conversions
  • Activity Time Chart
  • Engagement levels overview
  • Source breakdown overview
  • Pages Overview
Audience Overview Including:
  • Users by Country, City
  • Users by Source Channel
  • Users by Demographic
  • Users by Device Type
    TRAFFIC Overview:
    • Activity over time
    • Total Views
    • Tracking details: (Campaigns, Sources & Mediums)
    • Active users
    • Engagement Rate
    • Engagement Levels
    • Engagement Time
    • Conversions
    First Party Data Overview

    Data given by signups and website users (GDPR and CCA Compliant)

    Film Comparison

    Compare multiple film campaigns

    TRAFFIC breakdown by Paid
    TRAFFIC breakdown by Referral
    TRAFFIC breakdown by Direct

    Information on search keywords and landing pages

    Engagement Details (per film and over time)
    • Interest level activities details
    • Intent level activities details
    • Action / Conversion activities details