The film opens to the tragic tale of a disturbed 6-year-old boy with an abusive father who transforms into a dangerous teenager, which sets the tone for the plot of the movie. Samuel John Kaattookaran (Tovino Thomas), a Medico-Legal Advisor uses his forensic skill and creates breakthroughs in the case which has now become a serial killing as further victims are added to the list. Rithika Xavier (Mamta Mohandas) is the investigating officer. Shikha (Reba Monica John) teams up with Samuel and uncovers evidence that might lead to the killer's identity.

Film Credits

Akhil Paul, Anas Khan
Siju Mathew, Navis Xaviour, Raju Malliath
Akhil Paul, Anas Khan
Reba Monica John, Srikant Murali, Tovino Thomas, Mohan Sharma, Prathap Pothen, Renji Panicker, Mamta Mohandas

More Information

Forensic Logo
Country: India
Language: Malayalam
Duration: 134 min
Genres: Drama Suspense


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