Amid the political turmoil during 1980's Chile, a lonely transvestite engages in a risky clandestine operation after falling in love with a guerrilla who asks her to hide dangerous secrets of the revolution at home.

Film Credits

Rodrigo Sepúlveda
Pedro Lemebel
Rodrigo Sepúlveda
Daniel Oliva
Julieta Zylberberg
Amparo Noguera
Jorge López Vidales
Lucas Engel
Florencia Larrea
Leonardo Ortizgris
Alfredo Castro
Luis Gnecco
Gregorio González

More Information

My Tender Matador (Tengo Miedo Torero) Logo
Country: Mexico, Argentina, Chile
Language: Spanish
Released:4 June 2021
Duration: 93 min
Genres: Drama Romance

My Tender Matador (Tengo Miedo Torero)

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