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Stephen Cleary's "How Low Can You Go?"

Roxy Bar and Screen

”I’m too old for this s#!t”

Lethal Weapon

Sorry, but Stephen Cleary's "How Low Can You Go?" is either started or over at Roxy Bar and Screen.


Stephen Cleary's “How Low Can You Go?” two day low budget course is brought to the UK for the first time by The Vipers Nest. This course celebrates low budget. Stephen encourages you to think about creating films for, rather than against, budget restrictions; how to see it as a creative challenge and even an opportunity; he explores examples of ground-breaking, pre-digital, low-budget filmmaking; and gives you an insight into what you can realistically hope to achieve if your film is successful, including: film festivals, your future career opportunities as well as the chances of paying back your credit card bill. By the end of it we hope you'll feel the impetus and incentive to go out to make a film with the resources you have, creative and practical.  "This course is ideal for writers, directors and producers looking to immerse themselves in the particular universe of low-budget film-making, a universe where professional demarcations break down, and where success means creating works of striking identity in difficult circumstances. It's a testing ground, and the course is both a demonstration and exploration of the creative possibilities open to you. Anyone who wants to know more about low-budget film-making to see if it's for them will leave knowing what's needed, and what they have to do."   Stephen Cleary In Australia Stephen created “Filmlab”, the equivalent of Microwave or iFeatures in the UK. The program developed and produced seven low budget films in three years, all by first-time directors, writers and producers. These films premiered in Sundance, Berlin, SXSW and Fantasia, many winning awards, including best international director at Sundance and best first feature at Fantasia. Three received a theatrical release in North America.

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