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    usheru Analytics has been custom built for film distributors & film promotional organisations to meet their needs.

    Most film distributors or film promoters find themselves unable to connect the dots directly between their marketing campaigns and the box office they achieve for a film release. usheru Analytics is designed to give this precise and long-awaited insight to film marketeers.

    As well as marketing attribution analytics, partners benefit from full visibility on global distribution across both theatrical and streaming platforms, as well as gaining key insights into consumer behaviour so campaigns can be based on real intent to go see a film in a cinema / theater or watch it online, rather than on other data signals that are not as effective in driving conversions.

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    Key Benefits

    Powerful insights

    to help build world-beating movie marketing campaigns

    Full attribution analytics

    connecting marketing campaigns directly to sales conversions (ticket purchase)

    Visibility into consumer behaviour

    the strongest indicator of intent to buy a ticket or watch a film online

    Retargeting Opportunities

    made easy with a direct fanbase at your fingertips

    Reduced costs and more effective marketing campaigns

    leading to more profitable film releases

    usheru Analytics is a powerful tool built to enhance the understanding of movie audiences and give film marketeers real time access to the dynamic levers that will maximise the effectiveness of movie marketing.

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    The movie industry can learn a lot from the eCommerce world which is 20 years ahead when it comes to building winning sales and marketing strategies.

    We at usheru, spend our time applying learnings from our time in the eCommerce space, to the film industry and through this webinar, we impart the most important lessons to fix your long term sales strategy and formulate some winning marketing activities.

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