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    Why become a part of usheru’s exhibition network?

    usheru drives audiences to your cinema paid for by movie studios. Exhibition partners benefit from additional ticket sales through a new sales channel aiming to attract net new business to your cinema.

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    Key Benefits

    Incremental ticket sales

    for your cinema - new customers you can convert into loyal customers

    No additional work for exhibitors:

    usheru does a seamless integration with your Point-of-Sale system so it’s no additional work or cost to connect up

    No additional cost for exhibitors

    you don’t pay for these new customers, the film distributor brings them to you through online marketing campaigns

    Retain your data

    you will still receive the same information in your PoS as if the ticket purchaser had transacted on your own website

    Reduce the costs of attracting new customers

    by letting film distributors do that for you. Focus on your customer experience and loyalty and make these new audiences lifelong customers

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    How it Works

    1 You give usheru permission to connect to your Point of Sale API
    2 usheru’s system pulls in your price cards, seatmaps etc to display to ticket purchasers
    3 usheru connects each exhibition partner up to Stripe Connect, a secure and reliable payment system that transfers the ticket fee directly to your nominated bank account
    4 When a ticket is purchased online on a film website, it appears in real-time on your PoS system for your staff to view instantly
    5 A customer will show up with an eTicket displaying a reference number corresponding precisely to that one in your PoS system onsite.
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    Some Partners

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