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    Standalone websites are data death traps for distributors.

    Bring all your movies under one website with global showtimes and streaming availability without losing the branding benefits of standalone websites.

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    Key Benefits

    Long term approach:

    Create a long term strategy to build meaningful fan relationships and cut marketing costs

    One promotional hub:

    Bring all your films together with showtime and streaming availability

    Powerful analytics:

    Gain insights about marketing conversion rates and fan engagement

    Direct to Consumer:

    Build a smart fanbase with first party data and direct ticketing

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    Partnering with usheru is really helping us to “Open the Doors to German Cinema Worldwide”, true to our company mission. The service helps us to provide up-to-date information to fans of German cinema around the world about where and when and how they can find and watch German films, whether in cinemas, at festivals or streaming in their own living rooms. Being able to track and provide exactly this kind of information is of paramount importance to our work

    We met usheru in the right place at the right time. In times of profound change film distribution is taking new directions, film trajectories are getting increasingly complex. Usheru combines innovative technology with prompt service. It helps us to keep track of our films as they travel around the globe and opens access to Austrian movies for film lovers and professionals from wherever they are. We’re glad to have a visionary partner while we’re exploring the new normal.

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    Power your own direct-to-consumer future with usheru ticketing

    to amass first party data and marketing attribution for all campaigns.

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    Join us for our upcoming webinar

    The movie industry can learn a lot from the eCommerce world which is 20 years ahead when it comes to building winning sales and marketing strategies.

    We at usheru, spend our time applying learnings from our time in the eCommerce space, to the film industry and through this webinar, we impart the most important lessons to fix your long term sales strategy and formulate some winning marketing activities.

  • Analytics - module

    Connect the dots between movie marketing campaigns and the cinema box office with usheru analytics

    Gain full visibility on global distribution across both theatrical and streaming platforms, as well as key insights into consumer behaviour

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    We can develop the front end or give you an API feed