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    Fifty Shades / Success Story

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    What They Say

    "Working with usheru on Fifty Shades Darker is a step towards bringing further innovation into film marketing, by tracking advertising through to purchase and giving insight into performance. For this film title, we saw cinemas who worked with usheru as having stronger pre-booking results. For next film, we hope to see this improve even more."

    - David Burke, General Manager Universal Pictures International ROI & NI


    • Connect marketing campaigns to cinema ticketing
    • Gather Sales Funnel Data
    • Maximise sales


    • Website development: www.fiftyshadestickets.ie
    • In-depth analytics for all marketing campaigns provided
    • First ever campaign where distributor turned D2C: tickets sold directly to consumers.



      25% Growth for participating cinemas (vs. non participating)

      Increased advertising campaigns performance

      100% technology up-time, Zero cinema issues, 100% cinema payment satisfaction
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