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    German Films Case Study

    German Films’ Digital Future

    usheru’s platform is helping German Films to pioneer international movie promotion digitally

    The Goals

    • Boost awareness of German films and filmmakers outside of Germany
    • Build an international database of German film fans to retarget for future cinema, digital and festival releases

    The approach

    • Integrate a customer-facing website with German Films existing business-facing site, to help expand their reach
    • Develop analytics solutions to support German Films in their work supporting German filmmakers on the international stage.

    ‘Opening the Doors to German Cinema Worldwide’

    usheru’s Home For Film platform gives German Films data on the movies they promote worldwide in a fluid and constantly-updating way that was not previously possible. At any time they can see where the films they support are showing in cinemas or on streaming platforms around the world.

    This solution also allows for the collation of user data in a GDPR compliant way - allowing interested users to sign up for information about future cinema or digital releases in their area.

    The platform serves as a destination for German Films movie promotional activities and is adaptable to promote films at festivals - and even digital festivals such as Festival de Cine Aléman de Madrid, 2020.


    • I13,740+ films indexed
    • 110,000+ streaming links
    • Users from 85 countries

    What they say

    "Partnering with Usheru is really helping us to “Open the Doors to German Cinema Worldwide”, true to our company mission. The service helps us to provide up-to-date information to fans of German cinema around the world about where and when and how they can find and watch German films, whether in cinemas, at festivals or streaming in their own living rooms. Being able to track and provide exactly this kind of information is of paramount importance to our work.”

    Angela Hawkins, German Films

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