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    usheru is a movie marketing & analytics company

    focused on connecting film companies with audiences.

    We build marketing platforms for you so that you can execute smart long term direct-to-consumer strategies.

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    What we do

    Home For Film

    usheru’s Home For Film is designed to take a worldwide, long term approach to movie promotion and help you to become a digital powerhouse.


    Power your own PVOD window with uPLAY, the integrated solution developed by usheru with the partnership of leading players such as Vimeo.


    Power your own direct-to-consumer future with usheru ticketing to amass first party data and marketing attribution for all campaigns.


    Connect the dots between movie marketing campaigns and the cinema box office with usheru analytics

    Gain full visibility on global distribution across both theatrical and streaming platforms, as well as key insights into consumer behaviour

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    Who we partner with


    Bring all your films under one website without losing the branding benefits of standalone websites whilst gaining in almost every other way

    National Film Bodies

    Launch a platform to connect with global audiences and grow demand for your national films - across both theatrical & streaming releases for the past, present and future.


    Promote your back catalogue & manage your film & audience data

    usheru's Home For Film is being used around Europe and North America to cost-effectively boost production companies’ brands and extend the life cycle of films.


    usheru drives audiences to your cinema / theater paid for by movie studios. Exhibition partners benefit from additional ticket sales through a new sales channel aiming to attract net new business to your cinema / theatre

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