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    usheru’s Home For Film is designed to take a worldwide, long term approach to movie promotion

    & help you to become a digital powerhouse

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  • Home For Film - The Goals

    The Goals

    To build one home for promoting all of your titles. Direct audiences to view, rent or buy your films wherever they are - in cinemas, on streaming platforms or even at film festivals.

    Plus - optional

    End-to-end ticketing with powerful analytics tools to revolutionize your marketing approach.

  • Home For Film - Forget Standalones

    Forget Standalone Movie sites

    Every time you launch a promotional movie website and then take it down, you let all the consumer data go with it.

    Due to their last minute short term nature:

    • You have to pay for every visit
    • You don’t have time to build strong SEO
    • You split your audience

    It’s time to become a digital powerhouse and build a long-term relationship with your data

  • Home For Film - Branded movie experiences

    Branded Movie Experiences

    Bring all of your titles under one roof with custom designed pages & urls for each movie.

    • ▶ Custom domains
    • ▶ Full ticketing
    • ▶ Flexible Design
    • ▶ Showtimes
    • ▶ Streaming Data
    • ▶ Consumer Products


    Start early, build awareness & capture demand to convert later


    Maximize ticket sales & sell tickets directly to consumers with fully branded movie experiences


    Showcase all your movies and where to watch them internationally or country by country

  • Home For Film - Product Showcase

    Product Showcase



    National Film Bodies

  • Home For Film - Marketing


    • Track marketing campaigns’ performance and engagement granularly - post by post & ad by ad
    • View conversion rates for every campaign - when you incorporate ticketing a holistic view is possible, from clicking on an ad through to purchasing a cinema ticket
    • Retargeting website visitors who interacted on your current or previous campaigns
    • Analytics to cut wasteful marketing immediately
  • Home For Film - Audience


    • Data to power a direct to consumer future
    • Promotion for future movies on e-ticket
    • Have a smart database of fans with information on their favorite movies, theaters and streaming platforms
    • PLUS preference information on the ticket types they purchased
  • Front End Vs API


    We can develop the front end or give you an API feed

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