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    Are NFTs the Future of Movie Marketing?

    NFTs received much attention last year. From Crypto Punks and Crypto Kitties to Bored Apes, new artworks were being generated and sold for unprecedented $$$. But beyond the hype and high profile sales, NFTs (and Web3) present undeniable opportunities across the entertainment spectrum.

    Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. recently entered the space with a series of Dune and Matrix NFTs and pioneering independent filmmakers are starting to experiment with NFT-based crowdfunding - but how else can this new tool be deployed in movie marketing?

    Our expert panel of technologists, marketeers and industry experts discuss how NFTs can be used alongside other marketing channels and techniques to drive new awareness, engagement and sales across the film lifecycle.

    Introducing our guest speakers:

    Ciaran O'Herlihy

    Ciaran O'Herlihy (Ireland)

    Founder at LZRBRD, Web3, Ex Google Html5

    Passion for product partnerships, coaching teams, startups and launching mWeb businesses.

    Josephine Landertinger Forero

    Josephine Landertinger Forero (Colombia)

    Film Director & Pioneer of Film and NFT in LatAm

    Founder of Global Eyes Production, Just Love Film Academy, femalefilmmakers.xyz & accionmujeres.com

    Rishi Kapoor

    Rishi Kapoor (United Kingdom)

    Founder & CEO Paus.tv

    Experienced professional in film distribution both UK and Internationally, supporting independent filmmakers at Paus.tv

    Hosted by our industry expert & Head of Film Alex Stolz.


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