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    The Reopening Webinar Series:

    Shaping the new path of U.S. exhibition

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    The 2020 COVID pandemic strongly hacked the worldwide theatrical industry while creating a huge and global demand for streaming services. Hollywood announcements have stated that VOD will have a place alongside physical exhibitions for the foreseeable future.

    The major question on everyone’s lips for 2021 is what impact will this have on exhibitors and movie releases in general and how are audiences going to behave post lockdown.

    Welcome to “The Reopening Webinar Series: shaping the new path of US exhibition”, a fascinating set of panels exclusively focusing on the North American Film and Exhibition industries.

    Upcoming session

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    Use Today’s Tech To Reach Tomorrow’s Moviegoers

    Introducing the second industry session “Use today’s tech to reach tomorrow’s moviegoers” scheduled for Thursday April 29th (11am - 12 PST and 1- 2 pm - CST) where our invited experts will:


      the latest consumption trends from Gen Z to Gen Alpha

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      ways to engage these young audiences with the big cinema screen using interactive, social and mobile gaming.


      how to blend emerging tech with the human touch to drive these new generations out of the house.


      the benefits of using digital solutions to build empathy driven decisions

    Start your engines, refresh your browsers and transform young moviefans into trusting moviegoers.

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    Tonya Mangels photo

    Tonya Mangels

    / Head of Revenue & Marketing at Studio Movie Grill

    Jake Bjorseth photo

    Jake Bjorseth

    / Co Founder and CEO at Trndsttrs

    Mikkel Hagedorn photo

    Mikkel Hagedorn

    / Co-founder CinemaTaztic


    Catherine Downes photo

    Catherine Downes

    / Co-founder, Usheru

    Nikolaj Mathies photo

    Nikolaj Mathies

    CEO, Gruvi U.S

    Previous Sessions

    Couch Versus Cinema: Friends Or Foes?

    where industry experts:


      the latest insights from post-covid markets


      the future of movie distribution through the lens of theatrical exhibition & VOD representatives.

    • REVIEW

      the new metrics required to assess the value of a film & its audiences


      the new KPI's of success in this rapidly evolving marketplace

    It's time to go deep into what the future of movie exhibition will look like in North America by looking at the road to recovery and hearing the voices that represent this new dawn.


    Gentry photo

    Gentry Ferguson

    / Former Director of Strategic Partnerships at AMC Theatres

    Rich photo


    / CEO of Warehouse Cinemas and a board member of the Independent Cinema Alliance



    / Executive Vice President & CMO of FILMFROG Marketing and on the Board of Women in Exhibition