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Oliver Fegan

Oliver Fegan

CEO & Co-Founder

Ollie started his career as a management consultant primarily advising FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) clients on strategy and process improvement projects. His entrepreneurial spirit got the better of him and he founded a No.1 selling F&B app company before usheru. He is passionate about all things food, sports and movies. Rugby is his main sport and Inglorious Bastards his favourite movie.

Catherine Downes

Catherine Downes

COO & Co-Founder

Prior to co-founding usheru, Catherine spent 7 years at Google across different product groups. Her roles focused mainly on marketing and sales partnerships. She led the global Google Certified Publishing Partner program which she worked on since inception and grew for 2 years across Europe, Asia and launched in the US. In a former life, Catherine studied and worked in criminology research. Catherine speaks French, Spanish and Italian, and was formerly a snowboard instructor in Canada and a road racer – all for fun. She loves adventure-travel, food and family life, and loves to walk her dog Chucha as much as possible.

Andres Macias

Andrés Macias

CTO & Co-Founder

Andrés has always been passionate about film and technology. Possibly watching war films as a little kid helped him in developing both passions. At that young age, when he first watched those films, he also learnt coding in Basic on his first computer, an Amstrad CPC 464. Then, while attending high school, his mum enrolled him in a computer coding course for adults, where he was taught Cobol, C and Java. He graduated as a MsC Telecommunication Engineer, despite probably spending more time in the film library watching art-house movies than attending the university.

He did his Masters in Edinburgh, and then worked in Barcelona for a couple of years before moving to Ireland in 2005. He worked as an IT Manager in a travel tour operator for a few years before he founded his first start-up company in 2010. By then, he had very little idea about sales, marketing, finance or any other business area that had nothing to do with technology, so it was obviously a big failure. However, it gave him the opportunity to meet Oliver during an entrepreneurship programme funded by Enterprise Ireland and very quickly they became friends. In 2014, they teamed up with Catherine and the three of them founded usheru together. The rest is history…or history in the making.

Global Partnerships Team


Anish Deogaonkar

Managing Director, Americas

Anish is a firm follower of the ‘Life-long Learning/Continuous Improvement’ principle(s) and holds a formal qualification in Information Technology as well as ITIL & PRINCE2 Practitioner certifications. With his formal education, extensive entertainment data background and a lifelong passion for #movies, Anish is excited to join the innovative usheru team.

Based in Los Angeles, he will be leading + expanding our Americas team, growing our global customer base, identifying opportunities for operational excellence/value-add for our beloved #entertainmentindustry AND most importantly, partnering up with our wonderful clients to ensure #usheru products & services are helping them achieve even greater #marketing #success

So far, Anish has worked with stakeholders worldwide and contributed in; as well as; led Sales, Business Development, Customer Service/Success & Technical Support functions for 15+ years.

In his spare time, Anish enjoys Traveling & Hiking, Reading, Participating in adventure sports (namely Skydiving), keeping up-to-date with news/technological advancements and has a keen interest in Movies, Theatre & Music.

Heber Correa

Heber Correa

Sr. Partnerships Manager, EMEA

Managing/Developing Existing & Future Deals or partnerships across EMEA, MENA & APAC with 7 years of background in Digital Marketing and Advertising in both Online & Local markets and over $1 Billion dollars generated in Deals through different Industries

Federico Beltrán Quiroga

Sr. Partnerships Manager, Americas

I am a 25 year old Business Manager based in Bogota, Colombia. My prior experience includes conceptualization, development and execution of new business ventures in the South American freighting industry. My current hobbies are hiking, rock climbing and playing tennis, I’m extremely passionate about all motorsports especially Formula 1.

Marketing & Content

Shauna Farrell

Shauna Farrell

Head of Marketing

Shauna is a marketeer, data analyst and technology experimenter, driven to support storytelling and storytellers across all screen types. As Head of Marketing, her mission is to get the word out about usheru’s capabilities – and successes – in improving the success rate of our client’s own marketing strategies.
She has worked with usheru since 2019, working closely as Head of Client Success between 2020-2022 with studios and distributors around the world to uncover insights from their digital marketing data, to identify and test solutions that reach more people, and increase ticket sales and streaming purchases — all while spending less advertising money.
Previously Shauna spent 6 years based in Los Angeles working across the film industry in development, production and exhibition, including as Associate Director for Irish Screen America, a non-profit organization promoting and supporting Irish movies and filmmakers across the USA, which holds annual film festivals in New York and Los Angeles.
Alex Stolz

Alex Stolz

Head of Film

Connecting films with audiences has been at the heart of Alex’s career in film which began as a programmer at UK exhibitor Picturehouse followed by senior roles at the UK Film Council and the BFI, the latter as Head of Distribution. His role as Head of Film at usheru continues this trajectory and passion, focusing on innovating the movie marketing process through the use of data analytics.
In 2017, Alex founded Future of Film to bridge the gap between new technologies and emerging creative practice. In 2022 this evolved into Future of Film Incubator, an innovative new programme designed to empower creators directly with these tools and processes and bring new screen stories to market.
Alex regularly connects with other industry leaders as the host of the Future of Film Podcast and the Movie Marketing and Distribution Podcast.

Lea Kuscer

Jr Digital Marketing & Communications Associate

A seasoned marketer and a nature lover based in Varaždin, Croatia. Professor by trade but worked for the past 6 years in content and product marketing niche, as well as marketing analysis.
She’s contributing to the Marketing team with the power of the written word, knowledge of analysis and all things SEO. She believes in the importance of sustainable living and aims to introduce as many eco-friendly practices into hers and her friends’ lives to promote environmental responsibility and social consciousness. Her hobbies include making DIY cosmetics and soap, gardening, hiking, and yoga.

Development Team

Ivan Alvarez

Ivan Alvarez

IT Team Lead

I am a Software Engineer with more than 20 years of experience managing and developing technological projects from different industries, working in multidisciplinary and multinational teams. Having extensive knowledge in Web Development and Distributed Services, I love learning and embracing new technologies. Versatile, communicative and organized, always moving to a better world.
Pati Matsushita

Pati Matsushita

Creative Director

Pati is a designer from Brazil, passionate about creating user-centric solutions through visual design. She works closely with clients, operations and the technical team leading the design projects from concept to delivery. She also loves crafts, illustrations and it’s always looking for a new creative hobby.
Alejandro Zeballos

Alejandro Zeballos

Software Developer - Team Leader

Software Developer with emphasis in web development, my career as developer started in Usheru as intern, then progressing to a full time software development role, and not long after to a team lead role for the Frontend Development team. I am originally from Bolivia but living in Ireland for about 7 years now. When I am not working for usheru you can see me practicing e-sports, attending tech events, or cooking a new exotic recipe (trying).
Alex Barbeito

Alex Barbeito

Web Developer

I’m a web developer from Spain. I started study IT but after my first contact with web development I began my formation in this other branch. I end my formation in this sector with an intership in Ireland and I live and worked there for a year. After that I continue working in remote from my orgin country.
I have specialized in Javascript/Typescript and even more with the Angular framework. My territory is the front-end but I also try to have knowledge about the back-end. In general I like to check the news with this language, new frameworks and utils.

Sergei Sinenkov

Software developer

Working as a software developer for 15 years, in different areas of programming, mostly with the Back-end and the databases. Graduated the baccalaureate of the Mathematical – Mechanic facility in the State University of Nizhny Novgorod (Russia), and the Master Degree in the Master “World Economy and Financial” in the University of Barcelona (Spain).
Abi Ramírez

Abi Ramírez

WordPress Developer

I’m currently living in Spain where I’ve been working as a web developer for the last 10 years, but my love for computers started back when I was a kid. I would spend hours creating “websites” with lots of pink and glitter effects. I don’t use glitter on my websites anymore, but my love for Javascript and CSS remains.
Abinaya Konda

Abinaya Konda

QA Engineer

As a QA engineer here at usheru, my goal is to ensure the delivery of high-quality software products that meet customer expectations. I have an experience of 5+ years in various domains like insurance, speech recognition, reliability engineering and film streaming. These have helped me develop a strong understanding of the software development life cycle and agile methodologies. In my role as a QA engineer, I bring a natural curiosity and attention to detail to my work. I approach each project with a sense of curiosity, constantly exploring and uncovering hidden aspects of the software to ensure comprehensive testing. I’m based from London and love the remote working environment here. The flexibility provided by the team has helped me maintain a good work life balance. During my free time, I love drawing and painting.
Deepanshu Narwat

Deepanshu Narwat

Infrastructure Manager

I have joined as an Infra Manager within the tech team. I am excited about learning a lot from this new opportunity. I have a Masters in Machine Learning and I would love to implement an AI based solution that adds more value to our products. My goals within the organization are to take Usheru to new heights, develop a robust infrastructure and implement meaningful solutions to IT problems. I have a long list of hobbies of which some are cooking, reading, hiking, camping, cycling…

Client & Onboarding Team

Rebecca English

Rebecca English

Client Success Associate

My name is Rebecca and I work in operations, this means that I’m the main point of contact for our clients and work to oversee our various projects and manage day to day operations here at Usheru. I am currently living in Belfast and have a keen interest in art, creative writing and film which I pursue in my spare time.


José Sánchez

WordPress Technical Support

My name is Rebecca and I work in operations, this means that I’m the main point of contact for our clients and work to oversee our various projects and manage day to day operations here at Usheru. I am currently living in Belfast and have a keen interest in art, creative writing and film which I pursue in my spare time.

Finance Team

Brahman Narendran

Brahman Narendran

Chief Financial Officer

Brahman Narendran is usheru’s Chief Financial Officer. With a knack for numbers and a flair for business, he has a proven track record of driving financial strategy and performance optimisation. His analytical prowess and leadership skills drive usheru’s financial health.


His superpower? Analyzing like a pro and leading with finesse, all while keeping the financial engine running smoothly. Innovation? Check. Data-driven decisions? Double check. With Brahman in our Finance team, success is not just a goal, it’s a guarantee!

Jenna Blurton

Jenna Blurton

Finance Manager

I am the Finance Manager here based in the East Midlands in the United Kingdom. I have worked in finance for the past 20 years. I am a mum of 2, my 11 year old daughter plays football for Derby County FC so that doesn’t leave me much time spare for hobbies, however anytime spare goes to watching films and TV series on the sofa! When i do get the chance i love a good festival!

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