POWER YOUR OWN pvod window with uplay, the integrated solution developed by usheru

with the partnership of leading players such as Vimeo.

Plug-in our interface into your website to boost your release strategy, generate direct audience and maximise revenue potential by owning that streaming moment of purchase.

One destination for

All your content
Maximise your return on investment with showtimes, streaming availability and your own player all in one location
Your own audience database
Capture global theatrical and home entertainment audiences in one place & know your fans preferences for future movie promotions
Your analytics platform
Send all marketing traffic to one location, measure marketing conversions against actual purchases & build a fanbase to cross sell future content too
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Best in Class

Integrated Leading Players

Identify & Cut Out Wasteful Marketing

High Level DRM Security

Power a day & date release strategy

Showtimes & streaming all in one location.

Global audiences can easily choose whether to buy cinema tickets, purchase the movie to stream directly from your website or choose from all leading streaming brands around the world.

fully branded experiences

Create a beautiful movie experience for your latest release to give your movies that digital home they deserve but built within your corporate framework.

3 key modules

Rights Management

Manage availability and geoblocking directly from usheru's dashboard.


Three best-in-class purchase process with social logins, Google & Apple pay with Stripe integration powered by usheru.


Top quality experience for fans and leading security level with Vimeo's technology integrated.

Success Story

altitude films

Quick response to changing audience behaviour

The new HOME FOR FILM solution powered by usheru for Altitude helped the leading UK distributor pivot quickly to a digital home entertainment release strategy during the COVID-19 lockdown.

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