Working with our branding identity

Logo: Master version

Our logo represents who we are and what we do. It is our most important visual asset and should be used prominently and consistently to help build familiarity with our brand. Do not try and recreate the logo – always use the master artwork files provided. Please contact Communications Team if you do not have the required files.

Logo with tagline

Secondary logo

We have created two secondary logo versions to suit different applications. Where space prohibits the logo being displayed at a suitable size, having two orientations gives the brand flexibility.

Logo usage

The usheru brand identity will be implemented across a broad range of applications, from single colour advertisements to full colour on the web site. Each of these applications requires a special version of the master artwork of the trademark to ensure the optimum quality is achieved. The exclusion zone is an invisible barrier around the logotype. No other visual element should enter the exclusion zone at any time. This will allow the usheru brand mark to optimise its visibility. There is no maximum size restriction for the brand mark, but always ensure the exclusion zone rule is adhered to. In general, the brand mark must always be applied in a considered and appropriate size.

Main logo colours

Black & white colours

Exclusion Zone

Below are some examples of bad practice that must be avoided to ensure consistency and credibility of the brand.

X Do not distort the logo in any way.
X Do not change how the usheru corporate colours are used.
X Do not place the logo on an image that reduces its legibility.
X Do not change the colour of the logo.
X Do not edit the composition or add illustrative elements.
X Do not place the logo on a colour that clashes or hinders its legibility.