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usheru brings audiences and entertainment closer together. Our solutions equip entertainment specialists with ways to build better digital experiences, understand audiences and drive growth. In a world saturated with entertainment, usheru helps the industry manage, promote and launch any new content, anywhere — creating better interactions and better connections.
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As our company grows, we are prioritizing remaining true to our ethos and values. With this in mind, we take a look back at the journey that brought us here:

What if intelligent use of technology could solve one of the biggest problems facing the film industry?

This was the spark that ignited the vision of the founders of usheru to collaborate, ideate and ultimately launch a business. Drawing together their experiences and insights across business, tech and marketing, Ollie, Cats and Andres realised that together they had exactly the combination of tools and experience needed to solve this problem. They took the leap, left their previous jobs and started a company with a vision that holds true today.

Be Authentic, Be Brave, Be Smart

usheru began when the founders won an Innovate UK/BFI competition with a business proposition to test if dynamic pricing on cinema tickets would bring economic benefits to the UK film exhibition industry. Building a consumer marketplace proved challenging but the core technology – a platform with theatrical point of sale integrations – drew interest from the major studios. This led to a pivot from a B2C to a B2B model. Universal Pictures International became the first studio globally to utilize direct to consumer ticketing using the usheru platform.
The unique potential of this platform plus a steadily growing partner list led to usheru securing VC funding in 2019. With this, coupled with Creative Europe funding, the team grew in size significantly, allowing for scaling the platform and building more functionality that helps our partners execute long term marketing strategies.
As of 2022, usheru also works with these same principles to support the live entertainment and sports industry through a new solution built for Arenas and Stadia to promote their venues and events, and build a direct relationship with their audiences.

At the heart of everything we build and do is audience, analytics and automation.

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We use our core values as guiding posts as we work towards supporting our partners towards success in each of their industries, and collaborate closely with clients to ensure they find the solution that best suits their needs.

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