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Infographic: 4 Key Data Points from National Cinema Day US

The second National Cinema Day US was an extraordinary triumph, illuminating theatres and uniting millions of film enthusiasts across the nation. With an astonishing 8.5 million tickets sold throughout the United States, this cinematic event shattered all expectations, highlighting the enduring passion for the silver screen in the hearts of Americans.

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Infographic: 5 Key Data Points from National Cinema Day Ireland

The second National Cinema Day Ireland was an astounding success, igniting the silver screens and captivating the hearts of moviegoers across the Emerald Isle. With over 217,000 admissions at cinemas throughout the country, this cinematic celebration transcended expectations, reaffirming the profound love for film in the hearts of the Irish people.

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Arena Marketing Innovation: Webinar Series Presented by usheru Live

usheru proudly presents the upcoming Arenas Webinar Series: Arena Marketing Innovation. Innovating and Excelling in Live Entertainment. This new online webinar series will gather leading innovators and visionaries from the worlds of sports, stadium management, music and entertainment realms to decode the strategies, tools, and technologies propelling the industry toward a prosperous future.

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5 Reasons to Build a Discovery Platform for Your Films

A comprehensive platform showcasing your entire catalogue of movies is a strategic investment that yields impressive returns, both in terms of widening your reach and increasing your revenue streams. Let’s delve into the compelling benefits and financial advantages an usheru content discovery platform can offer

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