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Nikki Stier

Nikki Stier Justice on Building Brand Communities for Films

"We treat every film like its own business - and every film has its own audience."

Nikki Stier, Head of Distribution, Buffalo 8
Michael Matrenza

Michael Matrenza on Marketing, Madman and the Evolving Market in Oz

"The vision that you have as a marketer working on cinema releases to actual consumer data is getting better and better all the time."

Michael Matrenza, Senior Marketing Manager Madman Entertainment
Patrick O'Neill Founder and Managing Director Wildcard Pictures

Patrick O’Neill on the Irish Market and Unlocking New Talent

"There's a couple of films we've been associated with that were made outside the system ... those films feel very special especially when they perform well"

Patrick O'Neill, Founder and Managing Director Wildcard Pictures
Dorothee Pfistner photo

Dorothee Pfistner on the Art of Acquisitions 

"We buy movies because it's art and an economic model. But you also buy a movie you believe in, even though you know it is a challenge."

Dorothee Pfistner, Head of Acquisitions at Neue Visionen Filmverleih
Nick Camacho photo

Nick Camacho on Building a Distribution Brand

"It's all about the connection with our audience"

Nick Camacho, Director of marketing at Oscilloscope Laboratories
Roxanne Avent Taylor profile photo

Roxanne Avent Taylor on Building Audiences from the Ground Up

"Studios work form the top down whereas we build audiences from the bottom up"

Roxanne Avent Taylor, Co-founder of Hidden Empire Film Group
Niels Alberg photo

Niels Alberg: bringing audience insight into movie development

The industry has been trying to force data into creativity, but we need to turn that around ... and force creativity into data

Niels Alberg, CEO and co-founder of
Tyler Dinapoli photo

Tyler DiNapoli on the Marketing Funnel for Independent Film

'TikTok is very much a top of funnel platform for us. As much as it has a social quality to it, it is also an entertainment destination in itself'

Tyler DiNapoli, President of Marketing for Bleecker Street

Bill Guentzler on Acquiring Films for Global Audiences

The industry is ever changing and you have to be open to those changes to continue to thrive

Bill Guentzler, Senior Director of Acquisitions at Gravitas Ventures

David Kapur on How to Grow GenZ Audiences for Film

If you increase the awareness early enough in the life cycle then there is a youth audience for a breadth of film content

David Kapur, Founder/Director elevenfiftyfive

Sanne Junker Pedersen: Bringing Filmmakers Closer to the Audience

The potential here is not just assuming that there is an audience, but actually knowing ... and also to be smart about how to connect with them

Sanne Junker Pedersen - Head of Closer to the Audience at Danish FIlm Institute

Women Innovators in Film

✷ Live from Cannes 2022



Kjersti Mo,

Director of the Norwegian Film Institute (NFI)

Teresa McGrane,
Deputy Chief Executive at Screen Ireland

Francesca Accinelli,
VP Promotion, Communications & International Relations at Telefilm Canada.

Annette Novak,
CEO at Swedish Film Institute (SFI)

Mark-Hirzberger-Taylor on Bringing Classic Films Back to Cinemas

‘It's amazing and inspiring how, in spite of all the challenges, our industry continues to reinvent itself’

Mark-Hirzberger-Taylor - CEO Park Circus Group

The Changing Face of U.S Distribution with James Shapiro

‘Especially in the independent space, the most successful distributors are the ones that have a data-driven approach’

James Shapiro - Executive Vice President, US Distribution at XYZ Films

Studio Canal UK CEO Alex Hamilton on evolving release patterns

‘We are becoming more platform agnostic ... but if a film is successful theatrically, it is likely to be successful throughout its subsequent life’

Alex Hamilton, Studio Canal UK CEO

Innovating Distribution in West Africa with Moses Babatope

‘'You'll never have a perfect product, but if you have a product with the key elements your audience responds to, then you need to aggressively pursue that.'’

Moses Babatope, Co-founder/Deputy Managing Director, Filmhouse Group | Managing Director, FilmOne Entertainment

Avtar Panesar on launching Bollywood titles to a global market

"No company can claim to have a monopoly on their audience."

Avtar Panesar, Vice President - Special Projects at YRF-Yash Raj Films

Nick Savva on how to successfully launch content on VOD

"‘What you're seeing is a lot more consumers adopting a lot more streaming platforms - and these are continuing to launch at a dizzying pace’"

Nick Savva, General Manager for Giant Pictures

Lia Devlin examines audience behaviour with Alex Stolz

"I suspect on the day Squid Games drops on Netflix, it will really put a dent in cinema going on that day... So that's what we're up against, really all forms of entertainment including gaming!’’

Lia Devlin, Managing Director of Altitude Film Distribution

Kevin Goetz discusses how films are influenced by audiences and more

"Do research early, do it at the capability stage, in order to understand what you have and how much you should spend - it gives you an early marketing roadmap’’

Kevin Goetz, CEO at Screen Engine/ASI

The importance of building an audience base with Karol Martesko-Fenster

"I always tell filmmakers to create a website, talk about your film, have response forms where people can sign up for more information. You have to build the audience before, during and after making your film’’

Karol Martesko-Fenster, Chief Operating Officer at ABRAMORAMA

Indie films & the ‘traditional model’ ? with Delphine Lievens

"Pre-pandemic indie films were moving away from the traditional model but the pandemic has accelerated it so studios are using different streams as well’’’

Delphine Lievens, Head of Distribution at Bohemia Media

Discussing movie distribution with Jakob Abrahamsson

"There are few times in the history of the moving image when there has been more demand, more opportunity"

Jakob Abrahamsson, Co owner and CEO of NonStop Entertainment and Bio & Bistro Capitol

‘The huge threat to online film marketing ’ a conversation with Jake Garriock

"Most people can’t measure a film’s success culturally"

Jake Garriock, Head of Distribution Strategy & Group Publicity at Curzon

Getting that ‘cultural hype’, a conversation with Eve Gabereau

"People still want to go to the cinema, but they don’t have the sense of urgency with films like they did with BOND - so how do you get that cultural hype?"

Eve Gabereau, Chief Executive Officer at Modern Films