National Film Organisations

Get Audiences Closer to the Films They Love

Data driven solutions for national and regional film organisations

In the evolving global distribution environment, understanding your content’s reach and impact is increasingly difficult. usheru’s solutions equip regional and national organisations with tools and insights to build better digital experiences, better understand audiences, drive and measure impact.

Get Closer to Your Audience

The discovery platform built for global film promotion
  • End one-time movie website builds
  • Optimise customer journeys with showtimes and streaming data
  • Streamline your workflows with automations
  • Collect first party data to save time and $$$
Content Discovery Platform
Gain unrivalled visibility and understanding of your national output with

Global Distribution Analytics

  • Unrivalled analytics designed in partnership with national film bodies
  • Track your films and series globally across cinemas and streaming
  • Gain visibility of challenges and opportunities as they emerge.
  • Stakeholder reporting made easy with multiple export options


Short on time? Let us do the Reporting work for you

Global Film and Talent Reporting

  • One-off, no commitment needed
  • Detailed analysis of global reach of your films
  • Locations, Cast and Crew, Production Data

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Yearbook report
Widget on mobile

Wow your fans with customisable games, competitions and quizzes

  • Build a community that you can engage for every release
  • Separate by film type, genre
  • Integrate with your existing CRM tools

How Does It Work?

usheru aggregates data from multiple sources and integrates multiple tools to make your life easier.

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