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UBS Arena

What they say

We can't thank the usheru team enough for their exceptional work creating our new UBS Arena website. They delivered a site that addressed many of our concerns and challenges. Their service along the way was fantastic. Their staff was accessible, friendly, and professional. We highly recommend them to any arena looking to stand out as best in class."

What were initial problems they wanted to solve

The initial brief was to create a beautiful website for arenas with great user interface and user experience (UI/UX) which save their team time in terms of management of the platform so they can focus on delivering the best fan experience for New Yorkers.

What was the process to solve these problems

usheru started working with 3 Oakview Group Arenas at the same time, and their experienced executives, to understand what was working well with their current and previous website solutions but more importantly, we wanted to understand what aspects of their website were annoying, inefficient, time consuming and just didn’t work.

Over 3 to 4 months, we analyzed their current website traffic to understand what pages and content audiences visited most and we also assessed which pages caused the most confusion to these audiences and in turn caused them the most heartache, in answering regular queries.

One by one, we went through the most important areas of their website and were tasked to solve these problems with UI/UX fixes or automation fixes.

Some examples of issues and the fixes were:

The Long Term Approach

Creating a new user-friendly platform for all of Altitude’s home entertainment catalogue that could also be deployed to launch new digital releases. The site included a trailer homepage for new releases and automatically updated links to all streaming platforms for each film.

What were the results

The website was ready to go live on time and on budget and the results can be seen at 

Since launch, UBS Arena has seen the following online successes:

Growth in daily Conversions from launch in March to September
0 %
Growth in Lead Generation weekly average March to September

Plus valuable SEO results:

Growth in daily Conversions from launch in March to September