Elastica Films Streamlines Their Theatrical Promotion With usheru Widget

Elastica Films

Elastica Films, a Spanish production and distribution company known for its commitment to art house films and independent productions, has launched an usheru Widget. Elastica decided to update their site with the usheru widget to bring their movie marketing website to life with automatically populating cinema information for their films to aid audiences in discovery – and purchase. 

Widget as a Custom Tool for Showtimes

With the industry-wide challenges around getting audiences into cinemas, Elastica Films was in search of a tool to bolster their efforts in an effective, measurable way. By promoting the venues showing their releases, Elastica could support theatrical advertising and drive more sales, but adding and maintaining up to date information across all venues was time consuming and costly. 

usheru’s off the shelf widget was an instantaneous solution that could be quickly deployed on their existing web platform, integrating smoothly with their digital marketing strategy. 

The implementation of the usheru Widget is very straightforward. usheru’s automated data picks up the cinemas where the film is showing and populates this information with deep links to the purchase process in an easy to manage way for audiences. 

Key Features of the Widget

The usheru Widget’s key features include: 

  • Real-time updates 
  • Venue-specific information on screening times, dates, and venue location 
  • Deep links to purchase tickets 
  • Streaming Data to watch at home, once available. 

This ensures that moviegoers have access to the most accurate and up-to-date information about Elastica Films’ screenings, enabling Elastica to direct all of their online marketing to their own website to drive ticket sales.


“The assistance we received from usheru during the implementation of their widget was extremely helpful. The usheru team played a pivotal role in ensuring a fast and seamless integration of their widget into our platform. It was easy to get the widget live and the smooth implementation process saved us a lot of time.”

With the usheru widget in place, Elastica Films continues to reap the benefits of automation in their audience outreach, and audiences have a seamless discovery experience on the Elastica web platform. Together, usheru and Elastica look forward to the ongoing successes of this collaboration.