Unlocking Engagement: The Power of Creating Collections on usheru Connect

German films - Collections on usheru Connect

In the bustling landscape of cinema releases and movie promotion, one of the biggest challenges lies not just in attracting audiences to your content but in keeping them engaged and discovering more. 

One highly effective strategy to achieve this is through creating collections of content tailored to your audience’s interests.

The Value of Curated Collections

1. Keeping It Fresh

  • Stagnation is the enemy when it comes to your company’s web presence 
  • Ensure fans are greeted with new and exciting content every time they return 
  • Maintain visitor interest AND position your platform as a vibrant hub for film discovery
  • Refreshed Content is highly valuable for your SEO rating as well

2. Encouraging Cross-Promotion


  • Serve as gateways to discovery of similar content 
  • Show your audience films based on genres, themes, moods, directors or stars 
  • Guide viewers on a journey beyond their usual preferences

This, in turn, increases the chances of discovering hidden gems and provides a boost to your lesser known releases.

3. Fostering Fan Loyalty

  • Engaged fans are loyal fans 
  • Retain existing viewers AND cultivate a community of film enthusiasts 
  • Transform casual viewers into dedicated fans who eagerly anticipate each new collection

Quick Tips to Create Compelling Collections

1. Think Data

  • Consider how to automate your collection curation process. 
  • Metadata in your films is an excellent way to organize and sort to curate interesting collections. 
  • Genre, Cast & Crew, Locations, Release Dates are all simple ways to create interesting collections for your audiences. Additionally, consider creating tags to easily filter your film content by your own curated groupings such as ‘award winning’, ‘summer viewing’, ‘ambiguous endings’, etc.

The usheru Connect platform is designed to allow simple collection curation by users including assigning metadata and creating tags.  However, this can be done on other platforms too, so speak with your web developers about the best way to manage content tagging on your website.

German Films collections
German Films' Collections

2. Think Automation

The usheru Connect content discovery platform allows for continuous updating of film collections which saves time and maintains an always-fresh, always-updating website. 

  • Curate ‘Carousels’ or ‘Sliders’ of films on your homepage to highlight your collections for new visitors to your website 
  • Automation can ensure that films with showtimes get listed in the ‘In Cinemas’ collection, films with available VOD viewing links get listed in the ‘Watch at Home’ collection, and films with other tags get listed in those relevant collections too 
  • Once a film no longer has live showtimes, it is automatically removed from the ‘In Cinemas’ collection. This automation ensures accurate data without manual maintenance by your team, simplifying your workflow for promoting new releases.
The Festival Agency's Collections
The Festival Agency's Collections

3. Think Audience

  • A collection is more than just a list of films; it’s a narrative 
  • Curate collections with thoughtful themes that resonate with your films’ fans 
  • Think of the emotions that will capture their attention, encourage a joyful or enthralling response 
  • Gather feedback from your audience through surveys or polls to discover what they find most helpful 
  • Even gathering user-generated or user-suggested collections can be a simple and effective way to grow engagement and brand loyalty.

Why Consider Creating Collections

The value of compelling collections is not just a feature but a strategic imperative in audience growth and community building. By embracing the art of curation and employing these quick tips, you can transform your platform into a dynamic space that captivates audiences, fosters exploration, and keeps fans coming back for more.