usheru Launches New Assets Solution: usheru Share

Simplifying Film Asset Management with usheru Share

Efficiently managing and sharing film assets is a basic and crucial part of movie promotion. It can also be painfully finicky to stay on top of. 

Distributors and marketing teams are constantly seeking ways to simplify their work, reduce the chaos and improve overall processes. usheru worked with distribution partners to develop a simple solution to manage and share film promotional assets without the need for additional tools.

1. Simplify Asset Management

usheru Share is designed to simplify the complexities of digital asset management for distributors. The tool integrates with usheru Connect allowing marketing teams to consolidate all promotional assets, from Electronic Press Kits (EPKs) to images, videos, and social media materials, alongside the publicly facing movie website, into one centralized hub. 

This consolidation eliminates the need for multiple tools and platforms, providing distributors with a streamlined workflow that saves time and resources.

2. Rely on the Performance 

In a successful film campaign there can be a flurry of interest from press and media as well as exhibitors, festivals or other interested parties. It’s essential in times such as this that all assets remain accessible with no interruption to the web service. One of the standout features of usheru Share is its reliability and accessibility, powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). With usheru Share hosted on AWS, distributors can rest assured of dependable performance and accessibility, ensuring smooth operations even during peak demand periods. 

3. Measure your Reach

By relying on external services such as Box, Dropbox, WeTransfer or other tools unconnected to the business’s website, data and measurement is lost. Through an usheru Share add-on to the usheru Connect platform, a distributor can retain the data regarding distribution of promotional material within their Connect platform. With usheru Track platform analytics as part of the Connect solution, distributors can see integrated data from Share adding an additional layer of context to their film campaign’s analytics. 

This data-driven approach not only enhances promotional effectiveness but also facilitates informed decision-making for future campaigns.

Conclusion: Optimizing Asset Distribution

By centralizing asset distribution and analytics within a single platform, usheru Share enables distributors to scale their operations effortlessly. Whether managing a diverse portfolio of films or catering to various markets, distributors can streamline their workflow and optimize promotional materials for maximum efficiency. 

usheru Share represents a major simplification in film promotion management. By providing a secure, streamlined platform to manage and share promotional assets within a company’s core website, this solution addresses key challenges faced by distributors and marketers today. 

With centralized asset management, reliable hosting on AWS, advanced analytics, and scalability, usheru Share offers tangible benefits that can improve the business process of film distribution. 

Learn more about the solution here.