CinemaCon 2024: Celebrating Diversity and Collaboration in Film Entertainment

Ollie and Federico at CinemaCon 2024

Federico Beltrán Quiroga, usheru’s Sr. Partnerships Manager, Americas, shares three highlights from CinemaCon 2024. 

CinemaCon, one of the biggest annual events in film, shone in 2024 as a celebration of the diversity and collaborative spirit within the industry. Addressing key topics ranging from distribution strategies to offering a well-deserved appreciation of cinema employees, the conference emphasised the multifaceted nature of the business and the importance of its varied, diverse contributors.

CinemaCon 2024

1. Medium-Budget Films Focus

A focal point of CinemaCon 2024 was on strategies to enhance the distribution and exhibition of medium-budget films. An all-star panel, featuring Brock Bagby (President, Chief Content, Programming & Development Officer at B&B Theatres), Lisa Bunnell (President, Distribution at Focus Features), Elissa Federoff (President, Distribution at NEON), and Rebecca Stein (VP, Marketing & Partnerships at Showcase Cinemas), discussed the challenges and opportunities in bringing these films to audiences worldwide. 


The speakers highlighted innovative approaches to ensure the success of mid-budget films on the global stage. They highlighted the necessity for effective collaboration between distribution and exhibition.

2. Celebrating Cinema Workers

Recognizing the indispensable role of cinema employees, the National Association of Theatre Owners (NATO) premiered a series of videos titled “Behind the Screens: The Faces of Exhibition” at the event. These videos aimed to shine a spotlight on the often unsung heroes behind the scenes, whose dedication and hard work contribute significantly to the overall movie-going experience. 


NATO seeks to foster an appreciation for their invaluable contributions to the industry.

3. Independent Theatre Owners

CinemaCon 2024 also provided a platform for independent theatre owners to convene and address critical issues facing their segment of the industry. 


The National Association of Theatre Owners’ Independent Theatre Owners Coalition held its annual meeting, featuring discussions led by notable speakers such as Chris Aronson. Topics ranged from the current state of the industry to strategies for community engagement and financial reinvestment in theatres. These discussions presented the unique challenges and opportunities inherent in the independent cinema landscape, while also talking about the importance of fostering resilience and innovation among independent theatre owners.


This year’s CinemaCon went above and beyond showcasing upcoming releases. The event was a celebration of the industry’s rich diversity and the collaborative efforts of its stakeholders. 


From the ambitious distribution strategies for medium-budget films to the heartfelt tribute to cinema workers and the insights gleaned from independent theatre owners, we loved how Cinemacon celebrated the inclusive and dynamic nature of the film industry.