German Films

German Films

National Film Body Success story

What they say

“Partnering with Usheru is really helping us to “Open the Doors to German Cinema Worldwide”, true to our company mission. The service helps us to provide up-to-date information to fans of German cinema around the world about where and when and how they can find and watch German films, whether in cinemas, at festivals or streaming in their own living rooms. Being able to track and provide exactly this kind of information is of paramount importance to our work.”

The challenge

German Films wanted to boost international awareness of their catalogue and create a global database of German film fans to retarget for future cinema, digital and festival releases. The main problem that German Films faced was:

How do we increase our audience reach, complementing our theatrical presence?

German Films were open to exploring a new path to connect directly with audiences and forge a new way to promote their films beyond B2B routes alone.

The Solution

online film marketing solution

National film bodies around the world often don’t have a website where they can promote all their films simultaneously, so creating a singular easy-to-use site for German Films to advertise new releases and collect data on their fan base could allow them to develop more accurate marketing campaigns.


We’ve built an international database of German film fans to retarget for future cinema, digital and festival releases with the aim to boost awareness of German movies and filmmakers outside of Germany.

The Results

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