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    “At the moment it’s very exciting as we look at ways to develop our D2C strategy and optimise our site to drive more sales and engagement. We’re really looking forward to what we can achieve in the future. The team is always friendly, cooperative, quick to respond and have been very attentive to our ever-evolving needs.”

    - Michael Guerrero, Senior Marketing Manager

    Altitude site Altitude site Altitude site

    Quick Response to Changing Audience Behaviour

    The new HOME FOR FILM solution powered by usheru for Altitude helped the leading UK distributor pivot quickly to a digital home entertainment release strategy during the Covid-19 lockdown.

    The Brief

    In March 2020, life in the UK changed drastically overnight, forcing many industries to adapt to a new way of living - one which no one had ever experienced before. The film industry was one of the worst affected by the COVID-19 lockdown and many film distributors had to quickly rethink their release strategies. With the general population in lockdown and only essential businesses operating, cinemas closed leaving studios and distributors with one big question:

    How do we get our new content to audiences with cinemas closed?

    With more people than ever seeking home entertainment, it was time for the film industry to rethink the distribution process and start focusing on options for viewing films at home.

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    The Solution

    Altitude is a leading film distributor in the UK, and has built a strong reputation in the film industry, so the usheru team reached out to see if we could partner with them to develop an online solution for their home entertainment. We decided to centralise their catalogue, enabling their marketing team to concentrate their campaigns towards one source, whilst also cross-promoting their content.

    It was also crucial for their new site to act as a launchpad for new digital releases, such as Days of the Bagnold Summer, which proved very popular with lockdown audiences. Plus, this long-term solution enables their marketing team to collect and view valuable audience data, so in the future, they can develop highly researched, fully integrated marketing campaigns.

    In Their Own Words

    "Before launching altitude.film we were creating standalone pages for our key theatrical releases which worked great on a campaign basis but left us without a destination that listed our whole back catalogue and the various platforms on which they were listed. This was particularly an issue during lockdown 1.0 where we wanted to promote our best performing catalogue titles to consumers who were stuck inside their homes.

    The Home for Film solution has proved to be an extremely cost effective, flexible and elegant solution to our need to have a one stop shop destination for our back catalogue of titles. It’s really changed the way we are approaching our campaigns in these strange times.”

    - Michael Guerrero, Senior Marketing Manager

    The Goals

    • Enhance audience understanding and marketing efficiencies in an increasingly busy home entertainment market.
    • Provide a single online destination for all of Altitude’s home entertainment titles.

    The long-term approach

    • Creating a new user-friendly platform for all of Altitude’s home entertainment catalogue that could also be deployed to launch new digital releases.
    • The site included a trailer homepage for new releases and automatically updated links to all streaming platforms for each film.

    The Results

    With the HOME FOR FILM SOLUTION, Altitude were able to showcase their full catalogue on one website and promote individual releases while retaining their film and audience data in one place. Other noteworthy successes include:

    Visitors from 99 countries

    7.8% of clicks were for Streaming Redirections

    20% of website visitors are returning visits

    49% Engagement Rate

    The HOME FOR FILM technology powered by usheru has supported the transformation of Altitude's business into a Direct To Consumer powerhouse that they can use to build long-term sustainable relationships with their customers.