3 benefits of your own player integration

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced industries to either adapt or die and has highlighted that innovation in the film industry is long overdue.

We contend that adopting a hybrid model for streaming distribution will get you, as a distributor, the best outcome for your movie.

Check out three 3 benefits of your own player integration

1. Track marketing conversions

Whilst using analytics has been standard practice for many industries throughout the years, the film industry seems to be playing catch up.

Your own player allows you to send all the marketing traffic to one location, measure marketing conversions against actual purchases and own the moment of purchase: by encouraging visitors to click and buy using your own streaming powerhouse.

And keep in mind: with no tracking, all the changes you make to the content and strategies you produce are just gambles.

2. Build a database of fans

Getting information about audience behaviour and preferences can be powered with your own integrated player solution. It’s not only about capturing audiences in one place but also knowing fans’ preferences to promote your future releases, target quizzes, competitions and produce relevant content to make them loyal.

Remember: data is only powerful when used. And when you own it.

3. Go direct-to-consumer: power your day and date releases

As we’ve pointed out, current audiences are being bombed with thousands of content offers on a daily basis.

One of the key strategies for driving them to watch or interact is to provide clear and straightforward options on how, where and when to find and purchase what they are interested in.

Having your own player gives you the opportunity to include showtimes & streaming all in one location. In this way, global audiences can choose to watch your movie in cinemas, through the embedded player plugged into your website and / or from other established stream brands around the world.

Less search time, more conversions: you own them.

Here at usheru, we provide long term movie marketing solutions for a range of partners, including our very own player: the uPlay solution.

If you are planning to integrate this tool into your current website or platform and you want to know more about our product, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you grow your business!