The benefits of Account-Based Marketing (ABM) in the film industry

ABM begins when you focus your marketing efforts in building up a database of fans to create meaningful segments and then identify the specific messages that can be personalised for them on the channels you believe (or have tested) are most impactful to them (social media, website, emails, advertising, etc).

It offers many benefits for film marketers as it helps targeted film fans engage with audiovisual content and supports content discovery, leading to cinema ticket sales or traffic to streaming platforms where your films are being showcased. It also tends to be more cost effective and efficient than traditional techniques.

Some of ABM’s benefits include:

A personalised approach: MORE TARGETED

Instead of a generic approach to film fans, film marketers can create personalised messages targeting their own database of contacts, segmenting and tailoring campaign assets according to fans’ specific attributes, tastes, preferences and needs.

Cinema Ticket & Streaming conversions: BUILD-REPEAT-PURCHASE

Identifying fan bases & target accounts, building customised campaigns for them, and working together to align and move individual accounts through each film’s pipeline, both before and after conversion. In other words, moving fans from interest to conversion and nurturing them across their content discovery journey.

Cut wasteful spending: COST EFFECTIVE

According to current stats, 85% of marketers who measure the return of investment (ROI) consider account-based marketing as delivering higher returns than any other approach. Why? Because time, money and resources are narrowly focused on a small number of accounts that are most likely to become fans you can target and then retarget in the future.

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