How to Get More Traffic to Your Movie Website

Not getting the traffic you were expecting? Struggling to convert website traffic to sales?

Building and maintaining a movie website is a long-term game, but there are things you can do to boost the effectiveness of your website and reach your target audience.

Here are three things to consider when thinking about website great performance:


Search engine optimisation may seem like an intimidating (or sometimes obvious) concept, but it’s simply a strategy for improving your movie website’s rankings in search engine results. When a customer searches for the product or service you provide, you want to ensure your website contains the right ‘keywords’ or ‘phrases’ throughout the site to boost your position on the search engine. Check out our more in-depth article on SEO here.

First Party Data (FPD)

FPD is essential in today’s climate, and if you’re able to collect it then you’re going in the right direction. You can collect FPD in a variety of ways, such as through social media, emails, surveys, points of purchase. Our dashboard will allow you to see all data collected in an easy-to-read way so you can target the right audience with your movie website. If you need more information about FPD, read Alex’s Stolz’s article here.


If you spend any time online, it’s no doubt you’ve seen companies launching competitions before. You might have even entered one yourself – but why do so many companies do it?

When done properly and effectively, Competitions can be one of the best ways to collect data on your audience.

Why? Because audiences agree to share data (that you can then use to build a relationship with them) if there is something valuable in exchange for it.

To qualify for winning the competition, you can make people sign-up with their emails, share your post, follow you or even tag friends to boost engagement.

To know more about the benefits of powering Competitions, visit our great blog entry here.

Here at usheru, our team can help you boost your film fan base and bring more traffic to your movie website using our data-led solutions. Get in touch with us for more information and to discover how to integrate tools and create insights to execute a long-term business strategy.