Discover the key benefits of Competitions: a strategy for amassing AUDIENCE DATA

If you spend any time on social media, it’s no doubt you’ve seen companies launching competitions before. You might have even entered one yourself – but why do so many companies do it?

When done properly and effectively, Competitions can be one of the best ways to collect data on your audience.

To qualify for winning the competition, you can have people sign-up with their emails, share your post, follow you or even tag friends to boost engagement.

Yet, the benefits even go beyond that.

Let’s see…

1. Competitions drive purchases

Whilst your competition is live, your audience sees your product or service as either a direct result of all the engagement your audience is giving or as a result of your nurturing to the new audience after the competition has closed.

We recommend doing an offer AFTER the competition has closed, as potential customers may decide they like what you offer anyway and a good deal will push them over the purchase line.

2. Get to know your audience and boost marketing strategies

You can learn so much from the data social media platforms and Google Analytics provide, but before you launch your competition, decide what your ideal entrant would be, so you can boost posts and streamline marketing efforts.

By creating an image of the person you want to engage with, it also makes it easier to create the tone of copy, graphics and prize of the competition, as you can really understand what would make them want to enter.

When the competition starts, to your surprise it could be a completely different demographic engaging from the one you wanted, which is a useful discovery for future marketing endeavours.

3. Test graphics

Competitions are the ideal place for you to test different creative styles to see which ones boost the most engagement. You might find this interesting to see which yields the most clicks and implement the most engaging one in future marketing campaigns. You could also split the ads with two different links to two different landing pages. By experimenting with the landing pages you’ll find conclusive proof of what works well with your audience (and saves ad spend in the future).

In conclusion, building direct relationships with fans / audiences by powering competitions is a way to create new marketing channels and efficiencies (that can help you save money and create long-term resilience)

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