Why Automated Data Matters for Live Event Promotion

automated data for live event promotion

Live event promotion often involves time-consuming manual work of copying event information from the ticket seller’s website into your own. Arenas, Stadiums and Venues told us at usheru that this was a major hurdle. After all, they want to free up their time and focus more on their marketing efforts.

live event promotion

What Is the Solution? Automation! 

One winning solution to this problem (and many problems!) is automation. In this technological age, shouldn’t it be possible for the event listing information, including the ticket purchase process to automatically pull through to your venue’s website? Turns out, it is possible! 

For that reason, usheru has connected directly to Ticketmaster through their API. It enables our arena partners to automatically display showtime information and direct web visitors to purchase their range of ticket offerings. 

Automated Event & Ticket Listings on your Site

An API (Application Programming Interface) is a set of protocols and tools for building software applications. It allows different systems to communicate and share data with each other. 

Through usheru’s integration with Ticketmaster, you can automate the process of adding event information to your site. This will save time and resources, allowing you to focus on more important tasks. Also, working with an integration like this is crucial in particular for arenas, stadiums, and venues for several reasons. 

Benefits of Automated Processes for Your Arena

1. Time and resource savings: Firstly, adding automation will streamline tasks and processes. It is important for arenas, stadiums, and venues, as they often have to manage a large volume of events and related information. By automating different tasks, they can save time and resources and focus on other important aspects of event management. 

2. Accuracy and consistency: Inaccurate or inconsistent event information can lead to confusion among attendees and negatively impact the overall experience. Using automation here will ensure that event information is consistent across all channels. This includes the venue’s own website and third-party ticketing platforms. 

3. Improved customer experience: Furthermore, automated tasks and accurate event information, helps arenas, stadiums, and venues to provide a better customer experience for attendees. This can lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty, as well as positive word-of-mouth marketing. 

4. Integration with other systems: Lastly, events venues often use a variety of different systems and tools for events management. These can be ticketing platforms or marketing automation tools. usheru has integrated many tools to connect CRM systems, marketing and communication tools, advertising and more to streamline workflows and improve overall efficiency.

Is usheru Live Web Platform Solution for You?

Overall, usheru Live’s web platform solution for arenas and live event venues can support online marketing. It works through its integrations with key partners and tools such as Ticketmaster.

Moreover, this process:

  • saves time and resources, 
  • ensures accurate and consistent event information, 
  • improves the customer experience, and 
  • creates better efficiency and productivity.