POM Anime Drives Online Content Discovery with Tailored Platform from usheru

POM Anime Content Discovery Platform

Piece of Magic Entertainment’s Anime subdivision POM Anime has collaborated with usheru to launch a customised Content Discovery Platform. It’s designed to enhance user experience and film discovery for Anime fans globally. 

The platform’s tailored features include a stunning visual interface, a dynamic news hub, live Twitter integration, and an interactive catalogue page spotlighting POM Anime’s impressive array of titles.

Website Design for Anime Lovers

Firstly, one of the most striking achievements of this collaboration is the design. It successfully strikes a balance between a simple appearance and exciting interactive content for fans. By incorporating the vision of POM Anime, usheru’s design team created an inviting online environment that resonates with anime enthusiasts and new visitors alike.

News and Live Twitter Field Features

Central to this discovery platform is the inclusion of a news feature –  POM Anime wanted to keep its international audience updated on all their latest releases, developments, announcements, and industry insights. This allows for cultivating a stronger sense of community and empowers POM Anime to engage directly with its user base, deepening their connection beyond the screen. By integrating their live Twitter field on the platform, they narrowed the gap between the social media and website audiences.

Piece of Magic anime Social feed and news

Content Discovery of Titles for Anime Audience and Beyond

Secondly, the crown jewel of the Content Discovery Platform lies in its interactive catalogue pages. These pages showcase POM Anime’s growing library of titles. 

Moreover, they drive users to discover where to view these films in their location – whether in cinema or at home. Each title is presented with a thoughtful blend of visual imagery and concise descriptions. It makes the selection process intuitive and enticing for users.

usheru’s collaboration with POM Anime stands as a prime example of how tailored platforms can elevate the film discovery experience. The fusion of an interactive interface, automation, live social media integration and an ever growing catalogue page empowers POM Anime to deliver exceptional experiences to their web visitors and cultivate a growing Anime fan community in this central online hub.

Lastly, this partnership shows usheru’s central ambition to connect audiences to content they love. Our team looks forward to seeing even further success for POM Anime.

For more information on usheru’s website design and development services, visit www.usheru.com


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