Cinema Delicatessen Adds Showtime Widget to Enhance Website

Image with a black background. The usheru logo is in the top left corner over a green circle. Below it is the CineDeli logo, also in a green circle. To its right is an image of a computer and a phone showing the CineDeli website.

Cinema Delicatessen has recently joined the automation revolution by adding automated showtimes to their website with an usheru widget.

The widget – an easy to install tool that integrates with their existing website – includes a beautifully simple design while providing automated functionality to enhance the movie discovery experience.

The Perfect Widget for Cinema Delicatessen

Cinema Delicatessen is the renowned Amsterdam-based distributor and first distributor in the Netherlands to release films digitally in cinemas. The company has long been on the lookout for innovative solutions to engage its audience and elevate its online presence. After careful collaboration and development, usheru delivered a widget that not only aligns with their aesthetic but also empowers the cinema with a new level of communication.

One of the bespoke features developed for the company is a new ability to add a custom message to any showtime. This personalised touch allows the distributor to share special announcements and promotions, creating a stronger connection with their audience.

Positive Experience for the Company

"Working with usheru has been a fantastic experience for us at Cinema Delicatessen. Their widget not only looks great but also functions flawlessly on our website. It seamlessly integrates with our website's look, and our audience has been using it regularly. We can keep sending visitors to our movie pages, knowing that there will always be new and automatically updated content. The team has been really helpful in adjusting the widget to our wishes."

As the distribution industry continues to evolve, the collaboration between usheru and Cinema Delicatessen stands as a testament to the importance of technological innovation in the movie distributing sector. 

Lastly, the new widget offers a glimpse into the future of cinema marketing, where customisation and direct engagement with audiences play a central role.