Signature Entertainment Delivers Exceptional Audience-First Web Experience Powered by usheru

Image with a black background. The usheru logo is in the top left corner over a green circle. Below it is the Signature logo, also in a green circle. To its right is an image of a computer and a phone showing the Signature website.

Signature Entertainment are delivering an exceptional audience-first approach with their movie promotion websites powered by usheru. The company aims to drive theatrical ticket sales through a focus on audience, automation and analytics.

Signature Entertainment chose to work with usheru to enhance their films’ online presence with usheru’s audience focused platform, delivering localised showtime information to users and integrating first-party data gathering tools to allow Signature to build a network of enthusiastic film fans. With a unique movie promotional landing page for each movie release, distributors get a personalised online presence for their film, precisely capturing the unique essence of the title and cultivating a community for it.

SIgnature Entertainment Inseparables Website Image

usheru supports partners by not just understanding audiences but also by providing invaluable support. usheru’s innovative approach centres on getting to know the audience on a whole new level and simplifying movie marketing with automation. Add in real-time analytics, blending global theatrical and streaming data and you have a recipe for making your movie marketing a breeze. 

Signature Entertainment’s collaboration with usheru serves as a testament to the company’s dedication to build better connections and get closer to their audience. This approach in film marketing offers a fresh and engaging way for audiences to interact with their favourite films.

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