Discover the Impact of the usheru Widget: Insights from Global Distributors

Cinema Delicatessen widget

Wondering about the usheru Widget’s role in cinema promotions? Our clients generously shared their experiences, and we’re humbled by their positive feedback.

From simplifying ticket bookings to refining marketing strategies, the Widget has made a difference for film distributors and venues.

Cinéart is an independent film distributor releasing great films in the cinemas, on VOD, TV and DVD from Brussels, Belgium. They operate in Belgium and in the Netherlands.

cineart widget
"Integrating usheru's ticketing widget into our website was a breeze. Their technical expertise and seamless integration process made it effortless for us to enhance our eCommerce capabilities. The widget's robust features and easy-to-use interface have simplified the ticket discovery experience for our visitors, improving the flow of our movie promotion."
Thomas Vriesema
Online Marketing Manager
Tobis Widget
“We are delighted to partner with usheru to optimise the eCommerce journey for our film fans. Their ticketing widget looks and works really well on our website and their customer service is outstanding too.”
Tobis Film
Max Krumm
Product Manager

AVALON is one of Spain’s leading independent production and distribution companies. The company has a catalog of more than 200 feature and documentary films and releases 10 to 15 films each year. They operate in Spain.

"We were amazed by the simplicity of integrating usheru's ticketing widget into the Avalon platform. Their quick and responsive technical team guided us through the process, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free implementation. The widget's flexibility and customization options allowed us to tailor it to our specific needs, providing our users with a seamless ticket booking experience."
Manuel Palos
Head of Distribution

SelectaVisión is a company from Barcelona dedicated to the management of audiovisual and entertainment content rights for cinemas, television and digital platforms, home entertainment and video games. They operate in Spain.

"The usheru ticketing software Its user-friendly interface and intuitive design have made ticket purchases a breeze for our customers. With just a few clicks, they can easily explore cinemas and showtimes near them, and click through to purchase."
Selecta Vision
Patricia Fernández

Elastica Films is a film production and distribution company from Madrid. They operate in Spain.

elastica films widget
"The assistance we received from usheru during the implementation of their widget was extremely helpful. The usheru team played a pivotal role in ensuring a fast and seamless integration of their widget into our platform. It was easy to get the widget live and the smooth implementation process saved us a lot of time."
Ana Torres del Cerro
Product Manager

Cinema Delicatessen is an Amsterdam-based distributor releasing documentary films in cinemas, on DVD and VOD.

cinema delicatessen widget
"Working with usheru has been a fantastic experience for us at Cinema Delicatessen. Their widget not only looks great but also functions flawlessly on our website. It seamlessly integrates with our website's look, and our audience has been using it regularly. We can keep sending visitors to our movie pages, knowing that there will always be new and automatically updated content. The team has been really helpful in adjusting the widget to our wishes."
cinema delicatessen
Daan Vermeulen
Managing Director

Cinemaran is a Spanish film distribution company that specialises in distribution for the Iberoamerican markets. They operate mainly in LATAM and Spain.

"The technical expertise of usheru's team was extremely helpful during the integration of their ticketing widget. They provided us with comprehensive documentation, responsive support, and hands-on assistance throughout the implementation process."
Cinemaran Spain