Paradiso Films Introduces usheru Select for Their Audience

Image with a black background. The usheru logo is in the top left corner over a green circle. Below it is the Paradiso Films logo, also in a green circle. To its right is an image of a computer and a phone showing the Paradiso Films website.

Paradiso Films Introduces usheru Select for Their Audience

Paradiso Films, one of the leading independent distributors for Theatrical, DVD, VOD and Television in the Benelux region, has taken a significant step forward in catering to their audience by introducing an usheru Select widget on their movie page for multiple films, including “Jeanne du Barry.”

This innovative addition not only enriches the user experience but also answers the audience demand for fast access to information. Now, enthusiasts in Benelux can easily discover where they can see Paradiso Films’ movies on the big screen. The functionality aligns with the growing trend of providing audiences with a streamlined and user-friendly experience, eliminating the need for extensive searches or multiple clicks to find relevant information. 

By providing a tool that caters to the people’s needs, Paradiso Films fosters a sense of engagement and responsiveness, strengthening the connection with their audience. 

Paradiso Films has demonstrated its commitment to innovation and audience satisfaction. The addition of the widget for on their movie pages is a strategic move that not only aligns with contemporary user expectations but also sets a new standard for other film distributors to follow.

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