X Verleih Unveils Brand New usheru Widget on Their Movie Website

x verleih new usheru widget

X Verleih Unveils Brand New usheru Widget on Their Movie Website

Berlin-based film distribution company X Verleih has launched a tailored usheru widget to improve customer experience and make the ticket-purchasing process faster for their audience.

“Auf dem Weg,” a 2023 movie release from distributor X Verleih, was promoted digitally with a dedicated movie promotional webpage featuring the usheru Widget. The Widget, which was customized to their website’s design and colour scheme, brought theatrical showtime data to their website in a fully automated way. This enabled the distributor to drive cinema ticket sales, encourage audience engagement with the website and build an online community of film fans that they can retarget for future releases. 

In addition to its visual appeal, the widget prioritises user privacy by incorporating GDPR considerations. The implementation of the widget not only  encourages more engagement with the webpage and drives theatrical ticket sales but also ensures that user data is handled with the utmost care and respect. 


X Verleih can now attract audiences to their movie site with a functional, automated data system providing audience value along with the direct benefits to the company. All of this is achieved while appreciating the careful balance between movie promotion and user privacy.


Discover more about the usheru widget at www.usheru.com/widget