A Shifting Landscape? A Snapshot of Independent and Hollywood Films

Independent and Hollywood films in cinemas

Since 2020 it seems as if the global theatrical landscape has been consistently in flux. Having bounced back to close to pre-pandemic levels in 2023 (thanks in large part to the ‘Barbnenhimer’ phenomenon), 2024 represents a new challenging moment for studios and cinemas.


A reduced release slate of ‘Hollywood’ films (estimated at between 15-20%) is in effect largely due to release schedules being shifted after the talent strikes in 2023 saw productions pause.  However, could this present an opportunity for ‘independent’ films to pick up the slack? Are cinemas in fact showing a wider range of films in 2024?


Using usheru data, we took a snapshot of cinema programming trends across North America, Europe, and the United Kingdom for February 2023 and February 2024 to get a glimpse into whether programming patterns are shifting.

Independent and Hollywood Films in Global Cinemas

The results are inconclusive at this stage but we will repeat the exercise as we move through 2024 to see how things progress. 


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