• Podcast - 2021

    Each episode, Alex Stolz - usheru Head of Film - speaks to leaders in Movie Marketing and Distribution to discuss the trends, tools and strategies that are shaping the entertainment ecosystem.

    At usheru we are passionate about data, innovation & movie marketing and we have combined all of this knowledge into digital solutions that are transforming traditional film marketing.

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    Karol Martesko-Fenster

    The importance of building an audience base

    with Karol Martesko-Fenster

    Chief Operating Officer at ABRAMORAMA

    ‘I always tell filmmakers to create a website, talk about your film, have response forms where people can sign up for more information. You have to build the audience before, during and after making your film’

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    Delphine Lievens

    Indie films & the ‘traditional model’ ?

    with Delphine Lievens

    Head of Distribution at Bohemia Media

    ‘Pre-pandemic indie films were moving away from the traditional model but the pandemic has accelerated it so studios are using different streams as well’

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    Jakob Abrahamsson

    Discussing movie distribution

    with Jakob Abrahamsson

    Co owner and CEO of NonStop Entertainment and Bio & Bistro Capitol

    'There are few times in the history of the moving image when there has been more demand, more opportunity'

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    Jake Garriock

    ‘The huge threat to online film marketing ’

    a conversation with Jake Garriock

    Head of Distribution Strategy & Group Publicity at Curzon

    ‘Most people can’t measure a film’s success culturally’

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    Eve Gabereau

    For Getting that ‘cultural hype’

    a conversation with Eve Gabereau

    Chief Executive Officer at Modern Films

    ‘People still want to go to the cinema, but they don’t have the sense of urgency with films like they did with BOND - so how do you get that cultural hype?’

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