How to Track and Improve the Impact of Every Marketing Campaign?

A quick guide to setting up UTM tags & why they will save you money

It’s a real cliche but as they say, if it’s not measured, it’s not managed.

To set yourself up for success and to know precisely how to improve your marketing, you must ensure you are tracking the impact of each marketing campaign on an individual basis. These key steps are crucial to maximising your direct to consumer marketing for movies, whatever your release strategy:

Ensure a clear Call to Action (CTAs)

Nowadays it is taken as a given that you should have a clear goal for each marketing campaign. Each campaign should have an associated Call To Action (CTA) so fans know immediately what they are being asked to do.

Sign Up – Buy Tickets – Learn More – Stream Now

In eCommerce, a good goal and CTA well-measured will give you the best chance of a conversion.


The simplest and most effective way to measure the conversion rate for any campaign is to use UTMs – UTM stands for urchin tracking module but in layman’s terms this just means adding a few parameters to your URL that will allow you to measure the success of every place you link to your website online (ads, Youtube trailers, social media posts or bios, email signatures etc. etc. etc.). This will mean that when you create a marketing campaign you can measure its success specifically.


First, decide on your UTMs:

utm_Source: this is for where the traffic came from e.g. utm_source=Facebook

utm_Medium: this identifies the type of link used such as CPC, email, ad, stories, event or post e.g. utm_medium=post

utm_Campaign this is the name of the specific promotion or campaign e.g. utm_campaign=trailerdrop2.


  1. Begin with the destination URL: e.g.
  2. Add a question mark: e.g.
  3. Add your first utm: e.g.
  4. Add an & and your next utm, eg.:
  5. Add as many utms as you like, with an ‘&’ in between each one

Here is the link to use for that Facebook campaign:

Other UTM parameters

utm_Content: this usually is used to identify where the link was clicked e.g. utm_content=logolink

utm_term: this identifies a certain associated search term e.g. utm_term=Avengers+showtimes+berlin

If you are dropping the same creative in a Facebook social post as a digital ad, simply change the medium or if you are using it in Instagram change the source.

If you want to test different CTAs, enter them in the campaign name or content for example. Now if you try different messages with different audiences on different platforms, you can measure the impact immediately down to the individual marketing campaign.

It becomes extremely clear which ads are generating the most value for you and the most success based on your goals. This allows you to divert your time, energy and / or digital spend to the most successful messaging, and can serve as a learning for saving money on future campaigns.

usheru have an inbuilt URL generator to help with the creation and tracking of the campaign within our analytics platform.


Do your creatives (posters/trailers etc) clearly show your web domain?

Do you have some marketing/ audience profiles?

Do your marketing materials have clear Calls To Action?

Have you defined your marketing goals?

Does every campaign have a clearly identified marketing goal?

Is each campaign set up for individual tracking?

Have you set up marketing campaign tests to assess movie product/market fit?