Three Easy Tips to Build Your Own Film Fan Base

The entertainment landscape has changed more drastically over the past year than it has in the past decade…

So what can you do to secure a highly engaged film fan base?

The influence of an online fan base is second to none, so why do film distributors keep using traditional ways of promoting their films?

Below are some of the best ways to build your fanbase online, and how usheru solutions bridge the gap between you and your fans.

1. Social media

Creating a strong social media presence is an essential piece of marketing, as it helps you get attention and build awareness. However, it’s important to remember that as you are building a base on a platform not owned by your business, that audience base isn’t yours, so you need to direct them to your website where you can retain and track first party data with every post and ad you promote.

2. First party data

Third-party cookies have already been deprecated in Safari and Firefox and the world’s biggest browser, Google Chrome, have confirmed they will follow suit early next year.

What does this mean? In the short term, at least, digital marketing is going to become more expensive and online advertising will be tougher to target audiences.

All of these developments point only in one direction: we must start building our own audience data.

What do we mean by first-party data?

FPD can sound a bit cold but what we are talking about here are people who like your movies. It can take different forms (email addresses are the gold standard here) but ultimately it is data that you collect and use for your audience to enhance your marketing for future releases. FPD is essential in today’s climate, and if you’re able to collect it then you’re going in the right direction. You can collect FPD in a variety of ways, such as through social media, emails, surveys, points of purchase. Our dashboard will allow you to see all data collected in an easy-to-read way so you can target the right audience. If you need more information about FPD, read Alex’s Stolz’s article here.

3. Build a singular interactive platform online

Creating one platform for your film base to go to and interact with is a great start for building a strong fan base. You can find tips on what to do and what to avoid here

Here at usheru, our team can help you boost your film fan base using our data-led solutions. Get in touch with us for more information and to discover how to integrate tools and create insights to execute a long-term business strategy.